Hybrid 55 green

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Hybrid 100

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Hybrid 55

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Hybrid 50

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hybrid small version

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The resized hybrid (blue knife ) is about 80% of the standard sized hybrid folding knife , a UK legal non-locking folding knife for every day carry.hybrid friction folder


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I would like to extend praise beyond “classy knife,” “cool design,” etc… I would like to tell you, as an artist and graphic designer myself, that your work is tapping into a level of visual language rarely reached by most. Your understanding of minimalism is both inspiring and astonishing. Specifically your friction folders and the “outdoor fixed” have pushed beyond the realm of great knife design, beyond “art knife” and are now in the realm of true fine art itself. What differentiates fine art from design and illustration etc. is that fine art asks questions, explores philosophy, opens minds…. and this is what you are doing. The whole school of eastern philosophy or transcendental thought can be seen in the minimal lines of your knives. These knives are the horizon on a beautiful morning, nearly impossible to tell where the earth meets the sky. It is almost impossible to tell where your work stops being perfectly executed visual design and when it becomes a functional tool. Outdoor Fixed, Minimum Friction Folder, The Explorer, and others truly are the notes of La Mont Young or the paintings of Sol LeWitt. These knives are tapping into and speaking a natural language common to all people…though most don’t know how to speak it, it will resonate with everyone. I would love to see your work in a gallery alongside any number of our great minimalists, as some of the finest examples of form as language.BB, Maryland

Henry van de Velde Labels 2012

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